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About the project...

... the gap between.

We are group of students on a research placement with NTU and The Nottingham Contemporary focusing on two solo exhibitions showing at the Nottingham Contemporary by the duo Trix and Robert Haussmann and Pia Camil.

Pia and the Haussmann’s have different styles of exhibiting their work. The Haussmann’s were radically engaging in their time and visually questioned and raised questions on society’s way of seeing structure in the post-modern era while Pia Camil is a contemporary artist that beckons the audience to engage with her art, that is usually a metaphor for a wider social issue that deals with consumerism and destabilising perfection.

Similarly, both artists still spark conversation among a diverse group of their audiences.

However, there seems to be a difference between generations on one hand that seemingly affect how users engage with their art and on the other hand a barrier because society has taught users how to interact with art and exhibitions.

We aim to explore the artists view their work as well as how the users interact with the work and find what lies in the gap between.

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